Recently completed projects include:

Building Education Revolution (BER)

New South Wales and Western Australia

2009 - 2010

BER is a Federal Government initiative involving schools throughout Australia. 3D Drafting provided:

  • Shop detailing of classrooms, multi-purpose halls, covered areas, libraries & arts/craft/music facilities
  • Standards models were constructed in BOCAD, then copied/modified to suit individual site requirements.

City Square

Perth, Western Australia

2009 - 2010

City Square is a 45 storey high rise tower development currently under construction in Perth.

3D Drafting provided:

  • Shop Detailing and 3D modelling of 9000t of structural steel and 1000t of column reinforcement
  • Full profiling of the circular column shafts was achieved with a robotic pipe profiler using 3D DXF data from the BOCAD 3D model, including slots for cleats, weld preps and holes for slab reinforcement
  • Full NC data for floor beams including web penetrations for HVAC and other services
  • Drawings for column reinforcement and layout of Bondek decking for floor slabs.

Boddington Gold Mine Expansion (BGME)

Boddington, Western Australia

2007 – 2008

BGME project was designed to increase the mine’s gold and copper production to become Australia’s largest gold producer.

3D Drafting provided:

  • Shop detailing of conveyors (2,200t)
  • Shop detailing of fine ore bin.

Australian Marine Complex (AMC)

Henderson, Western Australia

2001 - 2002

AMC is a large shore-based complex comprising 4 precincts – Fabrication, Ship Building, Technology and Support Industries – providing world-class services to marine, defence, resources and oil and gas industries.

3D Drafting provided:

  • Modelling of 1000t of tubular trusses
  • Export of pipe development to be read by profile cutting 'robots'.

Tiwest Pigment Plant

Kwinana, Western Australia


Expansion of the existing pigment plant.

3D Drafting provided:

  • Shop detailing and 3D modelling of 600t structural steel, grating/floor plate and handrail for all the building extensions and strengthening of existing pipe-racks
  • Import of SDNF files from Bentley Structural and exported back as MicroStation and Deep View models
  • Engineering review of the shop detailing models completed prior to commencement of shop drawing production
  • The complete BOCAD 3D models with mark numbers which were exported to the free Deep View viewer to assist the site construction team.

Ravensthorpe Nickel Project

Ravensthorpe, Western Australia

2005 - 2006

Australia produces 13% of the world’s nickel with Western Australia producing 99% of that amount.

Ravensthorpe Nickel was set up to use Enhanced Pressure Acid Leach technology.

3D Drafting provided:

  • Shop detailing and 3D modelling of 1500t structural steel, grating/floor plate and handrail for Beneficiation Plant, Limestone Plant, Sulphuric Acid Plant and all of the site pipe-racks
  • SDNF files which were imported from Intergraph FrameWorks Plus and steel and handrail and exported back using PML files for clash detection within the design environment
  • Engineering review of the shop detailing models using BOCAD viewer prior to commencement of shop drawing production
  • Design drawings created in BOCAD 3D and supplied as MicroStation files.

Western Australia

  • Red Hill - Quarry Primary Crushing and Screening Areas
  • Worsley Alumina - Seed Preparation Pipe Bridge
  • Western Power - Collie Power Station Precipitator Inlet/Outlet Evase
  • WMC Kambala - Slag Handling Upgrade
  • Wodgina Plant Upgrade
  • CBH (Esperance) - Conveyors
  • WMC LNO Concentrate Surge Bin Upgrade
  • TiWest - Synthetic Rutile Recovery Plant
  • Jervoise Bay Marine Complex
  • Hismelt - Kwinana Plant
  • Sunrise Dam Gold Mine - Paste Plant
  • Tiwest
  • Ottimo
  • Hillgrove filter Project
  • Pluto LNG Substation # 4
  • RAAF Pearce - Fuel Farm
  • Higginsville Paste Plant
  • Muja Power Station - Coal Handling Upgrade
  • Sacred Heart College Auditorium Building
  • Beenyup Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • RGP5 Approach Jetty
  • BER NSW & BER WA Schools
  • Township - Port Hedland
  • Rivergem Vehicle Workshop
  • Goldfields & Ag Water Supply 15ML GL Tank
  • Wiluna TAFE
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel School
  • Edna May Project
  • Cosmic Boy Concentrator
  • City Square Project
  • West Kimberley Prison (Derby)
  • Desalination Plant at Binningup
  • Fiona Stanley Hospital Building Y

New South Wales

  • Hunter River Stabilisation Buildings A&B
  • Cadia Project - Seed Preparation Pipe Bridge
  • Blacktown and Mt Druitt Hospitals - Redevelopment Project


  • Jellingbah Coal Mine


  • Kuala Lumpar Sentral Station - Malaysia
  • Toka Tindung Gold Plant - Indonesia
  • PNG Refinery Project Piperacks - Papua New Guinea